Overheard conversations...........

Daughter: hey dad did you hear what that idiot said?

Me: What did I say about respect for our president? Yes I heard the talk to the college kids.

 Daughter: OK OK The "President" while speaking to a graduating class said as I understand it. That graduates shouldn't be greedy and try to make large paydays but rather understand that those days are gone and we graduates need to take less money for the good of the country.

Me: I said yes I heard it, oh well honey what did you expect?

Daughter: Well father (sarcasm) do you think that they will lower my student loan payments? Don't bother I know the answer but screw him and the horse he road in on!!!

Me: You need to relax if for no other reason that he is just dreaming and I will tell you why. Kids getting out of school are good at two things 1) thinking only of themselves and 2) they hate taking orders or instructions from people in positions of authority. lol

Daughter: Ha ha dad.

Me: if you are really mad and I mean mad then maybe next election you will do more work for your choice of candidates. We knew crap like this was coming and we have to live with the choice that our fellow Americans have made. Now besides that at least give him a chance, I bet he angers you again. lol lol lol

Daughter: Thanks for your ear dad but I wish you would get angrier about this shit.

Me: Hey baby I am on the government TEET and the milk taste good. lol


This was an actual conversation I had with my daughter and although it was not transcribed it is damn close. When I thought about it I found it rather interesting and I hope you did also.


Thanks for reading Bohank 


Uploaded 05/19/2009
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