Our cat, Ravage, was chasing this little mouse all over the den, over, under, around and through everything.  Around about the time she got tired, the mouse came over by my chair.  I had just finished a glass of Dr. Pepper, so I put the glass over the mouse, upside-down.  Once I got bored with watching the mouse's attempts to escape its invisible prison, I slid a piece of computer paper under the glass and flipped it over.  Once I had assured myself that the mouse wasn't a good enough jumper to escape, I set it down on the TV tray to tempt Ravage with later.

A while later, one of my brother's irritating friends stopped by.  My brother wasn't here, and I wasn't about to have this douche hanging around.  I told him to get lost.  He didn't.  I had the glass of mouse in my hand, so I gave Mickey a toss (or maybe it was Minnie, I dunno, I didn't check).

I wish I'd had a camera.  The mouse landed on his chest and went down his shirt.  Much running and screaming ensued.  It was awesome.

Now I want to get rid of all the lethal mouse-traps and get the humane ones so I can catch myself an army of attack mice. XD
Uploaded 04/04/2011
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