Pain killers

What is the problem with getting pain killers from the doctor. It has become such a hassle to get a perc 10 from the doctor its like pulling teeth. I have pulled my back so many times that the regular pain meds like tabs just don't do it for me. So when I tell the doctor this he looks at me like I'm asking him to stick a needle in my arm with some H in it. I don't understand the way the government gets to regulate pain in people, and how I'm looked at like a junkie if I have to take pain killers everyday for real pain. The government uses regulations of pain medicine to control the working and lower class. There was a study done by Harvard Medical that used rats and electrocution. It went like this, everyday the the rats would go and get there food off of a metal plate and once they took the food they would get shocked. They did this to the rats for two weeks. All the rats became depressed and had a shorter life span, and everytime they would get food they would crawl into a ball and shake. Well, they gave one group of the rats a form of morphine after the two weeks before the meal just one time and the results were unreal. The rats who got the pain meds forgot all of the learned responses. They became healthy again, they didn't shake while eating their food, and all it took was one time. So what this means is that the ability to take away pain is a great power that the governement keeps over the people. If we were able to cure our own pain then what else could we do? But thats not the case, because my doctor looks at me like I'm crazy if I need a couple of perc's for my back. Just felt like ranting, if you like it cool, if not, your not hurting my feeling, they were gone a long time ago.

Uploaded 06/14/2008
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