There are several different forms of pain, right? Some people consider physical pain to be less painful then emotional pain, some don't. A lot of people will ask why they have to feel pain. Pain can be bestowed because you have done something wrong, you have taken physical damage...anything. Everyone can be hurt by anything, no matter how good or harmless it may be. Nothing is spared, right?
Pain isn't always bad, though. Sometimes, you feel pain to protect yourself, or to protect others.

The reason why I'm writing a, i have to say, poorly kept together article about pain is because i want to ask, what everyone considers as real pain. To me, i believe that emotional pain can destroy you in every single way, because your mind controls you, and without any control, you would go insane. You can take immense/incredible physical pain but still thrive to live on, to keep going, but if you get hit in the right way emotionally, your life can go straight to hell. I would rather it, though. I think that Emotional pain makes you a lot stronger then physical pain. To be strong on the outside doesn't mean your strong within. It just means your strong. A child could take down a Juggernaut. A crying girl could bring the most heartless of people to tears.
No-one is spared.
No-one is truly emotionally immune to pain.  

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