Paintball Blog! Its my first!

New Blog is up: Haters go see it, its for you.

Paintball fucking owns!!!  All kinds of paintball own!!! Recball, speedball, pump paintball, woodsball, scenario.  All formats own!!!  PSP, NPPL, X Ball, SPPL! Ya i am a pump paintball player, just got into pump.  Been playing for 2 years now and its awesome. I have an autococker trilogy series pump.  My other paintball related stuff is GenX tactical vest, PCS US5, 32 degrees 14" nightstick, red dot sight, Pure Energy 12 oz CO2, Pure Energy 72ci 3000psi steele tank with a blue Redz tank cover, Winchester 50 round hopper, pcs double trigger, Revy with X board, PCS 200 round hopper, NXe 4 pod pack, army surplus pants, V Force mask (dont know which i got it for free), Extreme Rage 20/20 goggles (with crappy lense), and other shit like barrel swabs and barrel socks.  If you didn't notice from my equipment i used to be a woodsball/scenario player.  Pump is much funner and i play speedball with my pump.  Might start a 3 man pump team with my brother and my friend.  Paintball rocks and you should start playing if you haven't already!  And all pump players contact me cuz im making a pump group!

Uploaded 10/02/2008
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