Pamida Courtship

I see this fine looking woman walking towards the registers. She's wearing a pea-coat and various other winter garments, and that really drives me wild. I decide to make the first move.


"I can help you at register 4," I say. She flashes me that naughty-girl smile and says Thank you. Hook, line, and sinker, baby.


I start ringing her up and can't notice that shes looking around the store. I know what that means. THat means she wants me bad. She further expresses that need by whipping out her cell phone and making a call. Geez, babe, don't worry I'll get to ya.


"Did you find everything today?" I ask. She says yes. I can tell by her tone she wants me to whip my pants off and start masturbating all over her. It takes all my self control not to.


She's about to leave when I hit her with a good one:


"Miss, you forgot your receipt."


She practically has an orgasm right there. I can tell that she will later when she thinks of me. I guess I'm just that good.


My friends tell me that I mis-judge girls' reactions sometimes. But they're just jealous: their girlfriends act the same way around me.

Uploaded 12/13/2008
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