After me and Fetismo slayed most of the annoying trolls in our section, it's getting better and better every day. But apparently the beaten trolls still try to bite our ankles and the bloggers need to deal their pathetic shenanigans.

It seems like the troll hit of the season is - phishing for people's personal information. The troll refuge site (which nobody gave a shit about), where the whiny trolls I Neko-punched out of my section hanged out, suddenly became the subject of attack from... yeah, from who? If it's so secret that only the selected few know the address, how did the infiltrator find out about it? But wait, didn't Tyaeda say you had to register an account there and she needs to verify everybody who wanted to join? What about the council of trusted users who voted on accepting whoever applied?

Exactly. Lame-ass trolls had to make up a shitty story about how they get attacked and can't be left alone. When in fact, nobody gives a shit about them here. Without drama llamas like Tyaeda or Rednote, the Blogs section gets more and more interesting blogs, new writers and friendly discussions.

Now, let's face the facts.

Tyaeda - got banned and turned into a faceless for posting personal information of an Ebaumsworld user in her blog.

GIJoe - he posted my name in his blog; the blog got deleted by an admin and GIJoe received a warning from the staff.

Rednote67 - posted another user's IP address; got banned and turned into a faceless for posting someone's personal information here.

What's ironic? Those are the faggot-ass losers who keep whining about their website being stormed by... I dunno -hackers?

Get this to your head - nobody cares for your info. You are the pieces of shit who posted somebody else's data and now you're butt hurt about the fact that the actual bloggers don't care about your bull shit. We write blogs. What do you do? You keep coming back with your wimper and alts to rate us down. Because that's all you can do. We surpass you intellectually and always will be on top. Suck it.

Now go back to your Beaten Trolls Refuge and post your troll shit there. You're not welcome in my section
EDIT: Does this mean I'm a clairvoyant?

Uploaded 07/14/2011
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