Partial soundtrack of my life

I know this goes against all my well documented opinions regarding embeds, but as Dangle said when he first walked me through embeds it gets to be addictive.

I know this is basically a music embed blog but I would like to offer a brief note or intro into each selection as to why it is important to me.

This first song is a favorite of my dad and basically a song I cut my teeth on and which made me want to be a cowboy. I still can't hear this song without remembering long family weekend drives (cuz that;s what poor rural families did back then) on the weekends.

The next offering is  from an album I discovered in my mom's stack of un- listened to albums just as I was entering my teen years. I had never heard anything like it and I was captivated. this song and Album (Cry of Love) had a tremendous influence on my musical tastes.

The following was the first album my brother and I ever owned, we saved our chore and neighborhood odd job money for months to be able to afford it! We had also "afro engineered" an (to our minds) amazing sound system consisting of an old console TV stereo combo (with 8 trac) that the TV no longer worked in. To this console we wired literally every speaker we could find, and created the most amazing (sic) sound system in the history of the world. The following song (from the album Not Fragile) was my favorite and we played the shit out of that album at volume 11 whenever my parents weren't home

Next is  a song and artist that my Uncle Bobby, about 8 years older than me and my brother, introduced us to . Bobby was in the Air Force, and would visit us and regale us with tales of his world travels, adventures,the fascinating places he visited, and things he did. Being young teen boys we we practically worshiped him. He told us he first heard the following artist in England, which is ironic since the artist is American through and through.

This was my introduction to and the beginning of my lifelong love of the blues! And I have been to many a Charlie Musselwhite show and they were always superb! 

My final entry tonight is an artist I discovered while searching through album stacks at a used record store. Anyone remember those? Back in the day that was the only way kids like us could afford new(  albeit often worn and scratched ) music. The clerk at the store, when I pulled the record "We are not Alone" (it caught my eye because of the cover) said that it wasn't for sale because it was the only copy and he wanted it, piqued my interest enough,, that I had my buddy distract him while I stole it. I  know I know, the wrong thing to do but what a great result from my crime. 

Eric Clapton Said, and I quote " Roy Buchanan is the only person alive that can make a guitar cry"

This is a cover of a Neil Young song but he owns that motherfucker and makes it his own in a way no one else could. I don't think I need to explain my fascination with Roy Buchanan. Roy unfortunately, died in 88 ruled as suicide, I wonder what kind of masterpieces he would have produced had he survived.

Well I hope you all enjoy this little slice of my llfe and I will be continuing the sound track of my life at a later point.

Rocking in my recliner

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