past meets present

my son decided he was done with baseball just recently. football and basketball are his main sports and baseball jst wasnt his thing anyways. this left a huge gap inbetween sports and we had to find something to fill in. i trained in Tae Kwan Do from '92 to '94 and became a red belt, so i thought my son would like to do the same. i took him to my old school and there we ran into my old Master. i couldn't believe he was still there! he's a Korean guy, very short in stature, named Won Park. old and stooped, he walks slow and always seems to be smiling. he didn't recognize me, but i expected that. it's been 15 years (!!!) since i saw him last. my son was polite, but i could tell he hardly understood what he was saying to him. a flood of memories rushed me and i felt like a kid again standing in this mans presence. "see if you can hit my hand" he told my son. i know my boy, and i know exactly what he was thinking. he gave me an aprehensive look like "i don't wanna hurt this old dude", but i told him to go ahead. he threw a half-hearted swing at the Masters hand and only hit air. "you can move faster than that!" Master says "i not going to break!" now my son feels challenged, and he really cocks back and swings. Master moves like a cat and blocks his hand away and play slaps my boy in the head 3 times before he can pull his punch back! old mans still got it. "this one, much training needed. maybe dad help. maybe dad come back to school?" and i have seriously been thinking about it. i remember enjoying it very much and getting some release from it. my boy is starting to have some anger issues just like i did when i was his age and i think this could really help him. i feel about 75% sure i'm gonna join, but to be honest i don't know if i can with  the hours i work. i'm gonna have to think about this some more. i would enjoy some input from the assholes, dickheads, and all around cock suckers here. i hate to admit it, but i do take SOME of youz guys suggestions serious. SOME. i'm working on becoming a bounty hunter hooker, but there dosent seem to be much of a demand for that.

Uploaded 01/14/2009
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