Pawn Takes King Part 16

Originally, Donny used the foil for makeshift weed paraphernalia. If he wrapped a piece of the metal around a pen, it created a tube shape. When Donnie put a small portion of the pen into that tube, he could bend the tube upwards, creating an L-shaped piece that he could use as a bowl. IT didn't have a screen, and hit harshly, but it did the job in a pinch. Donnie tore off pieces of the tinfoil, and doubled them up, increasing their thickness. These he put back into place of the resistors. In between, he took a break and smoked sparingly from the last of the weed Eugene had sold him. Donny had long ago purchased a small one-hitter glass pipe from one of the head shops. It resembled a crack-pipe, but worked well to baby the hits of weed, and prolong his supply.
    Donny pulled the levers on the toaster. There was a series of small sparks, but nothing too serious. Donny wasn't worried about getting electrocuted. To Donny's amazement, the strips of tinfoil gradually lit up in a tangerine ambience. Victory. Donny was triumphant over that bitch, Mother Nature. He also rose above the indifferent apathy of society. Donny owed this success to himself only. The fact he had stolen never crossed his mind. If a man could steal a loaf of bread to feed himself, why not a toaster???
    Feeling confident, Donny braved the elements to go to the store. He shuffled along the drifts, cursing the snowplows and their slow progress. It seemed that the city was cutting back on all things in these financially perilous times. This included the rounds made by all plows, apparently. It wasn't too bad on the main thoroughfares, because heavy traffic wouldn't allow the precipitation to build up. But on the side streets, where Donnie kept his shelter, the snow was ankle-deep on the sidewalks and lanes.
    Donny begged on the most promising of corners, where Burlington street met Riverside Drive. There weren't many bums out today. Cold was a deterrent to any and all activity of the transient lifestyle. Donny tried to look extra sullen, which wasn't difficult on a blustery day. He collected 5 dollars in an hour of effort. With that, he bought 4 cheeseburgers. He ordered 5, but had to rescind one of them. He didn't have enough tax to cover all the sandwiches. Even when close to starvation, one must still pay the tax.
    Donnie got lettuce on his McDouble sandwiches. They didn't charge for the addition, and Donnie needed all the extra nutrition he could get. Sitting in the dining area of the restaurant, Donnie watches the swirling mists of snow through the thick picture window. Being freshly shaved, Donnie could almost pass for a contributing member of society. He sipped on his free water. When it got busy, Donnie could usually fill his cup with Sprite instead of H20, and the cashiers wouldn't notice. As Donny filled his cup with the pirated soft drink, he searched again for alternatives to his street-dwelling. Suicide was shot down as an option. For now, anyway.


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