Pawn Takes King Part 44

Donny inserts his last 50 cents into a payphone and calls Amanda. It has been a little over 2 hours. The meeting should be finished by now.

"Hello?" Amanda answers.

"Hey babe," Donny says happily, "is your appointment done with?"

"She just left," Amanda replies, "come back over. I'm lonely."

Yes!! Donny was sinking his claws into her, becoming attached. Her main motivation now was to avoid reverting to her single state.

Donny even has her pick him up. He makes sure to stand outside the theater, to convince her he had really been to the film. The wind is getting chilly when the sun goes down. Donny's body was no longer accustomed to the bitter cold. Having a home made him more susceptible to chills. Her van is warm and toasty. Upon entering, Donny kisses her on the lips. She is wearing flavored lip gloss. Strawberry, from the taste of it. Not bad. It's a better flavor than leftover fast-food, anyways.

"Hey baby," donny says, rubbing his hands in front of the vents to warm them. 

"What movie did you see?" she asks, glancing over at her blindspot before pulling out.

Shit. Donny forgot to check the showings.

"It was a comedy." he says blankly.

"What was the name of it? Was it any good?" Amanda asks.

"It was that new one," Donny says, snapping his fingers for theatrics sake, "you know, with that one actor?"

"You don't remember the name of it?" Amanda says with an encroaching laugh. 

"It was pretty forgettable," Donny comments, "I swear, I almost fell asleep halfway through it. WOrst 90 minutes of my life. How was your meeting thing?"

Donny changes the course of discussion, before Amanda can hone in on him anymore. It is a good ploy. Amanda begins rattling off little grievances. The case worker was not pleased that Amanda had such large piles of dirty laundry to do. Donny promises he will start the laundry tomorrow, to repay Amanda for her kindness. He grabs her hand and holds it in his as they wait at a stoplight.

"thank you, Amanda. You've saved my life, basically. I'll do whatever it takes to stay together with you."

Donny's words sound unconvincing to himself. He's pouring it on pretty thick, but she eats it up like a generous serving of gourmet food. Donny could still butter her up like a breakfast biscuit. She wore her smile fondly.

Amanda wanted more affection from Donny that night. She took another shower, which was definitely required for what she wanted. Donny was lying on the couch, and Amanda asked her to sleep beside her that night. When Donny came into her room, she was resting on her bed, her back to the sheets. Donny wondered if she got her towel from the big and tall store. It was more like a blanket than a towel, it was so huge. She unwrapped herself, and spread her legs. 

It was time for Donny to bite the bullet and do it. He performed cunnilingus on her. His tongue, in combination with his fingers, make short work of her. She tasted foul. Donny should count himself fortunate she has recently started bathing again. Otherwise, she would taste even more vinegary than she does now. 

She writhed on the bed, her belly shaking like a mound of jello as she climaxed. Donny could not get hard. If she wanted to screw, he would be unable. Luckily, she quickly went to sleep after her orgasm. Donny lay beside her, leaning away from her. The bed was much more comfortable than the couch. He would be able to sleep even more soundly with a proper mattress and bedspring beneath him. After he's pretty sure she's asleep, Donny goes to the bathroom. 

The first thing he does is take a shower, to wash her moisture from his face and hands. Afterward, he removes another pill from Greg's former stash. He flushes the toilet, in a paranoid attempt to cut the noise from the flint of his lighter. Amanda must not find out he's doing drugs in her house. He smokes the pill on his foiley, and sinks back onto the lid of the toilet. Once again, his problems drift away with the smoke wafting from the tinfoil. Or more accurately, they were postponed. 

He had about 5 pills left, not counting the newest acquisition from Chase. Then, his train ride would be over, and everything would come off the rails. Unless, of course, he got more dope.

The next morning, Amanda made breakfast. When Donny came to the kitchen, clad in a pair of grey sweatpants that Amanda bought him, a feast awaited him. Scrambled eggs. French toast. Sausages. Chocolate milk.

It is exquisite. Donny felt happiness, without the aid of pharmaceuticals for once. This girl might be wife material. Donny was no winning catch, though. But apparently, their situation was good enough for Amanda.

Donny started washing her clothes. Her panties were Extra Extra large. Some were skid-marked and nasty. Amanda's monster shits left residue of poo. Donny felt renewed purpose as the loads sloshed in the tub of the washing machine. Amanda needed him. WIthout Donny, her depression might consume her, along with the mass of clothes and dirty dishes that would surely smother her. 

It took Donny two days to finish all the loads of laundry. It was worth the effort. Amanda rewarded him with $20 and a kiss. They went to a movie together. Donny was a little apprehensive about being with Amanda in public. Donny recalled an old fatty joke: Fat chicks are like mopeds, they're fun to ride until your friends see you on them.

Donny stayed by her side. He knew it boosted Amanda's self-esteem to be viewed with a partner. Donny didn't care much, because his latest Oxy dose was going on strong. Embarrassment was subdued by the dopamine streaming in his body. Amanda had taken him out clothes shopping the past few days. Donny was wearing a new shirt, jeans, and shoes. To complete the ensemble, a plain black hat adorned Donny's head. Amanda wore a black and white polka-dot dress, with a matching headband around her styled hair.

Donny glanced around at the other couples. Compared to the other girls, Amanda doesn't measure up. Her waistline looked larger than several of those other girls put together. Donny saw some single guys going to the movie alone. At least Donny had a girlfriend. It was pathetic not to be able to rouse anyone to go to a movie with. 

It was another stupid romantic comedy. There seemed to be a blueprint for the plots of those movies, but Donny couldn't figure it out. The story was always so strange, veering off into random directions, which made no logical sense. 

Later that night, they fucked. They did not make love, because there was no love between them. It was perfunctory sex for Donny. She blew him, which made him sufficiently hard enough to perform. Donny was no Peter North, as far as size went. When starting, it was hard to maneuver around Amanda's belly, to penetrate her. 

Donny closed his eyes for most of it. He focused on the hot, slick texture of her vagina. After a time, it wasn't that bad. He projected himself out of the squat bedroom, into the erogenous hemispheres of his own mind. He thought about girls from high school and college. Girls he could never get with, but would help him nut now. 

He wasn't sure whether she got off, but Donny sure did. He exploded inside the condom, preventing any illegitimate children from springing forth from their union. It felt amazing.

His pleasure was short lived, leaving as soon as he opened his eyes once more. Her body mass index dissolved all fantasies like vapor. Like every aspects of his life now, Donny compared it to being single. Sex with Amanda was loads better than spanking his monkey.

It went on and on like that. Donny was ticking down the days until his drugs were up. Donny had climbed Maslows pyramid just far enough to account for shelter, safety, and security. But when the withdrawal came back into play, it was down to the bottom, for those physiological needs. 

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