Pay attention.......

while the next group of liars attack historical debate on Health Care, watch as they all go through the motions all the while knowing the outcome of the vote. There could be a real Change here if a couple of corrupt people change their minds, we found out that votes are for sale but will it be more than the lady in N.O.. Pay attention while everybody clings to his or her own party and pay attention as the idiots will come out of the woodwork crying its the Republitards they wont vote to spend my kids, grandchildrens money. The excuse heard here is "the republicans spent all that money" they say this as if it excuses this crap. lol lol Did anybody else notice the people who cry about the Republicans not willing to reach across the isle are the same people who wont reach across that isle either/ What the hell is in that damn isle?

I say PAY ATTENTION and then vote out of office the ones who sold us out and did things only for the PARTY. Republicans and Democratats alike lets thin the heard. I say lets get the government out of OUR business.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 11/23/2009
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