Pedophilia and The Church

In a way it was a good thing that many pedophiles joined the Catholic Church to commit their crimes.  I'm not saying the act was good, but the outcome for many of those children may be better because it took place inside a very wealthy organization. The outcome for many  has improved because of this relationship.

If these crimes were committed by the acts of lone individuals, outside of the protection of the Church at the time, then it could be argued that the children may have suffered a worse fate.  Then there is the restitution that has taken place and continues to this day. The Catholic Church is selling off much of it's land and assets to pay for all the legal fees associated with these most unholy crimes.

Due to the size of the Catholic Church many lawyers and court systems are enjoying a booming business that probably will continue for some time. This will of course include costs associated with unfounded claims against the institution by opportunists. You might find that statement crass of me, but lets admit, there are many people who would take advantage of the situation.

The ironic part, if not just pathetically sad, is that the cost accumulated by the sins of the priest and other authorities who were part of the sickness, will end up in the hands of lawyers and the government.    In one case, that I have first hand information, that outcome is readily observable. After a twenty year struggle for restitution a friend of mine received a ruling in his favor. For his trouble the court awarded him ten million dollars. The lawyers took nine million of that for legal fees and court costs, leaving the victim with one million. Of course, it was taxable leaving him with less than half a million.

It is right and just that the Catholic Church pay for the damages they did, but it is criminal how the victims once again take it up the ass from those who would try and right the wrong. 

By the way, the information regarding the division of money can not be made public by the victims. They would get sued.   

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