Pemmican Man

I awoke with my raw body parts pressed up against a bed of horse hair and straw. The room stank like a hen's arse. The eggs were fresh but her wind was not. The sun was up, and today was the day to mix my pemmican stew.

I reached into the root cellar and retrieved a cold hold of  meat. It was the loin, a favorite treat.
Placed up on the grill to cook and then dried in the hot sun it got hard and tasty.

My dried meat with wild berries of blue and black I mixed with a pound of lard.
This is my pemmican meat. It will keep me strong and hardy until the deer  return next year.
Having an American Indian heritage my son is doing a project on native culture. I spent most of the day drying venison and wild berries to make pemmican. The dried meat and berries is mixed with lard and stored in rawhide. Tomorrow he will do a presentation and give out samples of the pemmican on crackers. Surprisingly, it's not half bad!

Uploaded 05/02/2011
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