People Complaining About Ereps

     Too many people have been sending out emails, writing blogs, or complaing to eBaum that their videos aren't getting featured.  This is because too many people have gotten greedy with Erep points.  I want I want I want, I need I need I need, now now now... (Captain Hook).  These complainers are noobies to the website and uploading business.  They are not a part of ebaum's community.  They upload 100 crappy videos a day, and crying that they don't get a feature.  Gone are the days when people (most) submitted quality content for the sole purpose of entertaining others.  eBaums's WORLD was kind enough to devise a plan to reward loyal uploders with a rewards store.  Now due to the massive uploaders and new members, eBaum's has to restrict how people receive ereps, and rightfully so.  This program was not meant to be abused by complainers jumping on the bandwagon just for free goodies.  It was meant as a thank you for entertaining people and drawing traffic to the website.  I don't see YouTube or Break with a rewards program.  We should be thankful for what eBaums is doing for us.  Yet so many people contine to complain.  Soon enough eBaum's will get sick of the complainers and abslove the rewards system, rightfully so.  If you want a featured video, upload Quality content, be patient, and STOP complaining.  And please stop flooding the market with countless pointless uploads, you are taking away from the quality of the website.  eBaums prides itself on its small yet loyal community, let's keep it that way.


P.S. Please feature this!


P.P.S. Just Kidding ;)

Uploaded 07/20/2008
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