People I Hate

There's a multitude of people in my area I can't stand. I don't truely hate them, but this blog's original title "People I Greatly Dislike and Would Like to Beat With an Tube Sock Full of Gravel" was simply too long. So here they are in random order:


 -Vegans and organic-diet devotees who think they are supremely enlightened and pompously insist that you must adopt their ways. They cannot enjoy their damp lettuce sandwiches quietly, they must make known how super-fucing awesome they are.


-The hippies who sit on the footbridges (where they are unavoidable) and beg for change. They are almost ALWAYS college students. They sit there wearing free-trade hemp clothing (not cheap), petting their dog (if money is so tight, why the fuck do they have a dog?).

A prime example: last week, two of these stinky assholes (and their dog) were sitting in an area which I was forced to pass to get to work where I, as a productive citizen, go make a little bit of money so I have electricity and food. The dreadlocked, granola-hoarding scum had obviously just stumbled out of thier smokey dorm room and were holding a poster-board sign colored with like 20 colors of magic markers (which were sitting next to them); that's like a $7.00 setup. Didn't give them any money, so what do they do? Scream "Fuck you, you fucking cunt". Like they have a fucking RIGHT to the money I work hard to make.


-The Brady Campaign/anyone who tries to restrict my constitutional rights.


-The rednecks who sport barbedwire arm-band tattoos, and roar around in shitty pickups spotted with hunting and NASCAR stickers, playing Kid Rock at volumes which cause sterility in lab rats. They always hang around in fours and yell stupid shit at people to pass time; the Honkey-Tonk-Finger-Yer-Cousin bar isn't open at noon.


-My neighbor who watches me all the time and keeps calling animal control when my cat hangs around on the front porch. They don't even pay attention to her any more, it seems.


-The three homeless drunk dudes who hang outside my favorite club. It's the only good place in town, but you have to pass the begging gauntlet. If you don't give them money, they try to offend your girlfriend. They all say they're former Marines, but when asked, know shit about the Marines. When they're not there, it's about five goth kids pulling the same shenanigans as the hippies mentioned above.


-The high school kids in my neighborhood. They all drive super-shitty Hondas with ill-fitting aftermarket racing accessories tacked on; just like polishing a turd. They continually attempt to break the land-speed record at two in the morning, don't obey stop signs, and jerk off watching 2 Fast, 2 Furious (probably). The only true satisfaction is when one of them crashes. It happens like every week.


-The college students/faculty at the U of M. They are the whiniest bitches the world has seen, which is why I left. Last month, we had a forest fire right outside town (which one of those idiot students started), and within an hour, they ORGANIZED A FUCKING PROTEST AGAINST THE FIRE IT'S SELF. Who the fuck protests fire? Everyone there has a cause, but no true understanding of what they are really doing or for what real purpose.


So yeah, I just want to put that out there. If you are offended because any part of this reminded you of yourself, I don't fucking care. There's probably more, but they escape me currently.

Uploaded 09/25/2008
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