People it's trendy to hate

The following people have become popular targets and in some cases I don't really understand why, but here are my thoughts on them:



Sarah Palin:

I actually do hate this woman, but not for the reasons I hear from everyone else all day. Yes she's a bit of an inarticulate dingbat, yes her popularity is annoying and baffling, yes she was unqualified to be a vice presidential candidate, yes she was only chosen to pander to the female vote (badly). I don't care about those things, and I sure as hell could care less that her daughter got knocked up. Everyone needs to blow it out their ass, she isn't the first teenage mother ever. Other then her being pro life, which is a source of contention with me that someone would insult the rights of women so much, why I actually hate this woman is simple yet very petty. She has no respect for federal endangered species laws and hunting restrictions. To realize why I care, you must know that I love wolves and how much they have been driven out of and destroyed in this country vexes me. Despite the fact that they arew classified as endangered, as much as the endangered species act is abused, Palin not only allowed them to be hunted she institutued bounties for sucessful kills. If that wasn't enough she allowed ariel hunting despite a federal ban on it and she participated in the act herself. For those who do not know, ariel hunting is the act of sitting in a helicopter with a rifle and a scope and shooting at animals on the ground. If any one of you think there would be something sporting about that, you either can't picture it or need your head pulled from your ass. I'm not against hunting for practical reasons, but fun is not a parctical reason and even if it was only a very dull person could derive fun from the painfully simple activity of shooting things on the ground.


George Lucas:

I think this has gone on a long time. No one will let up on the man. Yes episodes 1-3 were not as good as the original movies, yes they ruined darth vader for you, yes jar ajr is annoying. there are far worse things that have been made into movies without this level of outrage. No one can handle when a series grows and changes. I know you all love your childhood memories of the original movies, but a story goes on. If you hate the new movies so damn much then joy ignore them. I personally enjoy them and find the era of the original movies to be the most boring era of star wars history. I await an old republic era movie some day. I'm not a major star wars nerd so don't argue with me about this.


Kanye West: was a dick move I admit. It was really funny, and he was sort of right. Taylor Swift is a banal boring uninteresting musical artist with no real talent who's sole skill is being the same brand of dull blonde blue eyes empty staring girl as every sucessful musical artist. Good for him for standing up to corrupt award show conventions.


Lady GaGa

I'm with you on this one. I can't stand her popularity. Her whole career seems based on dressing like a slim jim mascot and writing songs about the dullest subjects (being raped while drunk or something, being a cock tease to confused methaphores about poker then slots then roulette then poker again because she doesnt seem to know the damn diference)


Glenn Beck:

I find this one the most confusing. Yes he's annoying and makes exagerated facial gestures. Yes he makes stupid examples and thinks there is alot more that the president can hide easily then he posibly could. We've had conspiracy nuts before and none have been treated with the hatred of this guy. I don't see how he earned your hatred. He makes a few good points in between the nonsense. He's not completely off base in being concerned with what the current administration is doing. I've heard him called a con artist often enough. Theys ay he fills some kind of need of stirring up fear for ignorant people. I think he's a good old fashioned cook, that's all. He's no con artist, he ahsn't carefully filled some niche of conspiracy. He's just a nut, he can be very entertaining. so calm the fuck down. If you don't agree with the man don't watch. someone explain to me where the hatred comes from.


Tom Cruise:

I don't care if he is gay or if he really believs that scientology thing or not, he's still become an awful actor lately. He was talented once, I give him a break for that.


Carrie perisian (or whatever her name is)

Whatever your stance on gay marriage is, you must admit she insulted her fan base. who does she think watches the beauty pagents? She's a hypocrite too and she needed to be knocked down a bit, but it's done now.


Perez Hilton

He isn't funny and he's a bit too uptight. It shouldn't be a surprise that some people are still too ignorant to respect gay rights, calm down about it. Hell there are some people who still can't accept evolution, you're fighting a losing battle.


Kim Kardashian

I'm not actually sure who she is or why she's famous. I think she's one of thsoe famous because thier famous celebrities in which case fuck her, learn some sort of distinguishable talent


Megan Fox

she's snotty obnoxious cocneited and a terrible actor so plug your ears and she's bearable I promise.


Chris Brown

nothing needs to be said. you must hate a woman beater, unless the woman can fight back reasonably well


Jay Leno and Tigerwoods

really don't care. not surprised.


Britney spears, paris hilton, lindsey lohan, milus cyrus, jessica simpson, anyone I missed along these lines

Don't care, don't know why any of you are famous but not one of you should be.

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