people kill people

ok... so i like guns.  i own a couple and im actually making at least 2 more purchases in the next couple of months.  why in the next couple of months you ask?  because our new president elect is going to tax the living shit out of guns and ammo and make it entirely too expensive to afford a weapon in america. 

so anyway... my wife and i go to a friends house for dinner the other night.  there were 3 other couples besides us.  so we are having normal dinner conversations spanning from politics to what our favorite food is.  so i mention that i finally got my second pistol permit after waiting 3 months and i plan on making a purchase soon.  so the question comes out.  why do you want a gun.  i often practice my answer to this question becuase it always comes up.  so i reply... becuase it is my right as an american to own one.  there it is... thats it.  even though there are 50 other reasons like, target shooting, hunting and self defense, i prefer to stick to the root of my reason. 

so now one couple is getting all bent out of shape becuase i own guns.  and they start ranting about how guns are dangerous and i shouldn't have guns in the house with children around.  so i give them the whole "guns don't kill people, people kill people" speach and they completely ignore it.  i even added in that i believe that they should teach gun safety in schools.  every child should know how to safely use a weapon in case they ever come across one.  they should know to tell someone and not to touch it.  they should know that it is NOT a toy.

so i know becuase of the prior conversation, that this arguing voted for obama.  so i put it plain and simple to them... you voted for a man who wants to teach sex education at a very very young age.  why not teach gun safety in schools also.  we can teach our children how to reproduce safely, but we cannot teach them simple gun safety.

needless to say, we bickered back and forth about it till my wife nudged me under the table and i knew i was getting too passionate. 

so first off... here is what i say to you gun hating americans who don't want guns around your children and gun safety taught in schools.  your ugly ass kids are more likely to come across a gun over at a friend's house than sex.  they should know not to touch it.

and for those of you who think that guns kill people.  fuck off.  you are the reason there are so many deaths by guns.  guns don't pull their own trigger!

as the second amendment to the constitution of the united states says:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Uploaded 11/10/2008
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