people on the moon


So I’m the type of person that almost never remembers their dreams. The ones I do remember though are usually pretty fuckin weird and I have to let others in on them.


Also I think it should be known that I have been sick for a while with something real crappy and have been on a lot of meds.


So the world is in really bad shape ,I guess( visibly it isn’t but in the dream it’s just known that it’s in shitty shape). The world government has announced that the earth will so become unsuitable to live in and they will be placing people on the moon, however not everyone can go. So everyone is anxious to know whose going to be living in a massive bubble on the moon and who will be staying on earth. The world government states that people whose names start and end with certain letters will have to go to the moon. The rest must stay on earth.


Turns out we are sending off my mom and my sister to the moon, me and my dad have to stay.


Fast forward a couple years and me and my dad are working in a hardware store (family hardware not home depot). I guess my girlfriend got sent to the moon too cause I’m hitting on chicks in my dream. I find that funny cause usually ill just be banging dames in a dream, not actually hitting and flirting with girls. I guess a few more years fast forward and the earth is repairing itself and those on the moon are able to come back. And I remember looking outside the window of this made up hardware store I was working at and seeing lush trees plants growing all over the place.


At this point I wake up to blow my nose because I can’t breathe. End of dream


My girlfriend thought it was pretty weird and random. What do you guys think?

Will this dream get me banned from ebaums? Haha sorry I’m a dick I had to stick that in

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