People Suck

Okay, first of all if you saw that title and thought to yourself "self, maybe i should see what this dumbass has to say" or your baked/wasted out of your fuckin mind, then were good. But if you saw that and went "damn right, heres another one" do the world a favor and either kill yourself or put yourself on house arrest, cuz your one month away from killin people.

But onto the main point, im unbelievably pissed off at people. Firstly i work at a deli where we do deer processing in the basement, and the other day some jackass comes in relishing in his kill. Well when he takes the deer out of his damn truck, the fucker is a bab. THIS ASSHOLE SHOT BAMBI! And he asked me to weigh it (i cant spell, fuck you), i wanted to saw off his legs and hang him up instead of the deer. And the worst part is that he wasnt the first to do that either, people are assholes.

Secondly, i rode my longboard into work today, literally one minute from my work i hit a crack and ate shit, ended up slammin into a fence, it hurt like hell. Also on sunday i broke my nose playin rugby (its relevant, i promise you). So i get into work and start talking to my co-worker, actually the bosses daughter but whatever. Some dick at the counter, for no reason i might add because he already had his food and had paid too, decides hes gunna start givin me shit during my story, which im not even directin at him. As soon as i begin he chimes in with "You're a skateboarder? psh", annoyin right? SO then i start talkin about how i fell, asshole decides to add "So cool, dude, awesome". Then i start talkin about breakin my nose (tryin to get away from what seems to be pissin him off), his response "Sick man, bet ya cant wait to get back and do that again", the boss and his daughter are the only reason i didnt beat that shit into a coma from which he would never emerge.

In conclusion, i dont really hate people, they just annoy the shit out of me...

(P.S. im thinkin of doin this some more, tell me what ya think)

Uploaded 12/30/2008
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