people that have touched my life

This blog is real simple, it's just a list of people that have influenced my life strongly. Most of them are authors, because it's hard to get influenced by an ordinary run down smuck without a book. I encourage everyone to list thier own influences, it's good introspection and it's fun. It helps us all get to know where one another's views formed and where they're going.


Chuck Pahlanuik: Having read fight club first got me into anarchy and neo tribalism. even though it's a sarcastic and poor ass example of an argument for any sort of anrachy, it still influenced most of the literature I've consumed since then and my resolve that I'm not a complete outcast and a fool. He taught me the things that you own will own you. That self improvement is just masturbation. that being go'ds unwanted children was alright.

Antoine de saint exupery: His children's book 'la petite prince' confirmed everything I thought about the foolishness of adults before I became one of them. It saved me from being a boring asshole full of fear and illusions and it serves as a good reminder for when I start getting off the path. He taught me you can only see rightly with your heart what your eyes miss, and things are important because you waste your energy on them.

Daniel Quinn: In my opinion the single greatest thinker of this age, a number of his books, the foremost of which being 'ishmael' have formed and confirmed for me the basis of my feelings about culture and life.

Eckhart Tolle: though he's a sellout and anything he says could have been learned with a decent background in toaist philosophy, still his book 'the power of now' formed much of a philosophy I already had when I read it, but put it in a tangible form to prod myself with. My dog could have told me that the only time is now, but for some reason I didn't ask him.

Bill Hicks: one of the greatest comedians of all time, he taught me that life is just a ride. No matter how much people invest in thier illusions because it makes them feel secure, it's just a ride. Life is a choice between fear and love, and we all have to make that choice.

George Carlin: the single greatest comedian of all time and my personal hero. The world was wounded to lose his genious this year. All the years of laughs aside, he taught me that to see life as anyhing more then entertainment is missing the point.

Yoda: Fictional characters shouldn't count, but there were two important lessons here. Fear is the path to the darkside, and there is no try there is only do and do not.

Marquies de sade: Not the most agreeable histoical figure, ut his philosophy was useful to me. he taught me that all the universes moral principles are just idle fancies. That laws are dangerous when they inhibit the passions. that it is a poor fool indeed that adopts his manner of thinking for anyone but themselves. that social order at the expense of liberty is not a bargain.

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