People Who Vote Down The Highest Rated

If you happen to be one of the sad individuals who have nothing better to do than give people negative ratings then this is for you. You all need to reevaluate the reason you navigate this site. To quote an age old passage, "if you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all".  I fully realize that comments are the freedom of speech that everyone should enjoy however don't be a cunt. If you hate something say you hate it and leave the rape of parental figures and animal sodomy out of it. Believe it or not those of us who refrain from such malicious malfescence could easily send you away crying with a few strokes of the keyboard. We have seen the evil that lurks in the night and we would be more than happy to send it to your desktop. 

That being said many of the members of this site support one another and we will vote up the other members material (which generally moves it quickly to the top) and if you do not approve of the rating so be it. You should comment but don't detract from the rating to be a dick. If you would like your material to reach the top be polite and simply ask members to review your submissions. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you will find supporters who will back you unconditionally. I only get a well rated video on occasion and that doesn't drive me to slight other videos. I support the good videos and on occasion I submit something that is either original or at least good and I get great support from many viewers. That is how you do it. Be cool, be polite, and most of all support your fellow users and you will make it to the top.


Uploaded 07/29/2008
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