People who watch things, and then complain about it!

    You know, it has never ceased to blow my fucking mind how somebody can click on something on the internet, or watch a show on television, or listen to music with objectionable lyrics, AND then complain about it!  You know people, you have all the power in the world NOT to click on something you know you're going to hate.  Turn to a show that you know you're going to hate.  Listen to music you know is going to offend you.  So why do you do it?  Because you love to complain.  Admit it, your lives would be nothing if you had nothing to complain about, so you look for it.  You go  to Youtube and leave negative comments.  You come here to our beloved Ebaums world and leave negative comments.  You write to the FCC about shows like Family Guy and Robot Chicken.  What in the hell would you do if you had nothing to complain about?  You huddle with your church groups and protest in hopes of saving us all.  Well news flash fuckers, WE DON'T WANT TO BE SAVED!  Just because you don't like our "low brow" entertainment, does not give you the right to have us listen to your complaints.  Guess what?  Nobody asked you to take it in to consideration.  You did that all on your own.

     So let us be in our dark and shady corners of the internet.  Don't feel like you have to save us.  Keep to your 7th Heaven and Touched by an Angel, we don't come to your playing field and start complaining that there's not enough swears, not enough nudity and not enough sick humor.  Believe me, there's more of us than there is of you, and you would get sick of it pretty damn quick, thus having more complaining to do, and we wouldn't want to fulfill any of your needs.  You are definitely not fulfilling any of ours.

     In short, Get bent, because you have the answer to a question that none of us asked!




Uploaded 09/17/2010
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