PepperPeanut and FuckyouIran had a convo.

[3:42am] FuckyouIran:Hey buddy.

[3:43am] PepperPeanut:oh hai

[3:45am] FuckyouIran:I gave my Ebaumsworld URL to people in a blog. Since public sites are personal information I will accept my ban. Just joking,not really. How is facebook personal when it's on the World Wide Web?Patriot act permits me to see peoples information to make sure they're not terrorist.i <3 Bush.[

3:46am] PepperPeanut:hahahahaha

[3:46am] FuckyouIran:smile.gif

[3:46am] PepperPeanut:patriot act

[3:46am] FuckyouIran:I woves it.

[3:46am] PepperPeanut:me 2

[3:46am] FuckyouIran:because I'm a got damn GOp patriot!

[3:47am] PepperPeanut:o rry

[3:47am] FuckyouIran:Does neko own a vagina?

[3:47am] PepperPeanut:i have no idea

[3:47am] FuckyouIran:I bet you want to know as bad as I do

.[3:47am] PepperPeanut:hahahahaah. perhaps

[3:48am] FuckyouIran:maybe even smell it.put her tampon in there for her.

[3:48am] PepperPeanut:hahahahaha

[3:49am] FuckyouIran:Can you write a blog defending me?

[3:49am] PepperPeanut:perhapsdefending in what way?

[3:49am] FuckyouIran:Defending me from public info.

[3:50am] PepperPeanut:hahahahahawho are you anyway?

[3:50am] FuckyouIran:I'm FuckyouIran.

[3:50am] PepperPeanut:i knowbut what is your main account?

[3:51am] FuckyouIran:I only have this one.[3:51am] PepperPeanut:i call bullshit[3:51am] FuckyouIran:search my IP

[3:51am] PepperPeanut:i kinda can;t

[3:52am] FuckyouIran:Well how can I prove to you?fucking mods are like queen of england.[3:52am] PepperPeanut:i dunno lul

[3:52am] FuckyouIran:fucking famous wih no power

[3:52am] PepperPeanut:trueexactly

[3:53am] FuckyouIran:we got to change that.

[3:53am] PepperPeanut:agreed

[3:54am] FuckyouIran:So tell me, Pepper.... let's say someone happened to know the codes to Ebaumsworld.And accidently deleted a few user accounts.

[3:55am] How long before you contact legal?For my personal secuirty and confidence ofc.[3:55am] PepperPeanut:hahahahahasure

[3:55am] FuckyouIran:I'm going to HQ.

[3:55am] PepperPeanut:k

[3:55am] FuckyouIran:I'm going to talk to you face to to man.

[3:56am] eye to eye.

[3:56am] PepperPeanut:come at me

[3:56am] FuckyouIran:so I can say you abused me so I can sue.

[3:56am] PepperPeanut:hahahahaha

[3:57am] FuckyouIran:No, really though. Why are you riding neko's cock?get off the G-string bro.[3:57am] PepperPeanut:you're kiding right?

[3:57am] FuckyouIran:You made neko a complete faggot. And faggotry is not fucking accpeted.I'm going to kill myselfhave a great fucking life.

[3:57am] PepperPeanut:i did? how?

[3:58am] FuckyouIran:Writing that blog about personal info and shit.Tyeada is a no one.I wanted to see a comeback.but you fucked it up man.

[3:58am] PepperPeanut:how did i make neko a lady though?

[3:59am] FuckyouIran:i have no fucking cable tv and I need my enterainment Jerry Springer style somewhere.I come here and you ruin it.

[3:59am] PepperPeanut:hahahaha, you're crazy

[3:59am] FuckyouIran:Define crazy.

[4:00am] PepperPeanut:hahahaha, crazy is your interpretation

[4:00am] FuckyouIran:lol.giflast time we talked you trolled know that?do you understand what that does to the cerebellum?

[4:01am] by the way this site needs better porn.Doesn't have shit on Xhamster.<:m class=meebo-360>

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