PepperPeanut and milestyles55 Had a Convo

[3:43am] PepperPeanut:  greetings Mr. styles55

[3:45am] milestyles55:  what's up dude?

[3:46am] PepperPeanut:  i was just wondering if you would consider gracing us with your massive skills and become blog mod.

[3:46am] milestyles55:  i don't know.  what does it pay?

[3:46am] PepperPeanut:  well, um, nothing.

[3:46am] milestyles55:  nothing?  wtf would i want to lend out my valuable time for nothing?

[3:46am] PepperPeanut:  i can't answer that question for you Mr. styles55.  all i can tell you is that WE NEED YOU.  DESPERATELY.

[3:46am] milestyles55:  hmmm.  i heard that being an ebw mod results in chicks throwing pussy at you.  is that true?

[3:47am] PepperPeanut:  absolutely!  i'm covered in pussy as we speak.

[3:47am] milestyles55:  Does neko own a vagina?

[3:47am] PepperPeanut: i have no idea

[3:47am] milestyles55:  have you discussed the "blog mod" issue with the other mods and admin?

[3:47am] PepperPeanut:  yes.  it's unanimous.  we're positive that you're the man for the job.

[3:48am] milestyles55:  i'll tell you what.  i'll consider taking on the job if you make Garadain President of the Blog section.

[3:48am] PepperPeanut:  only say the word Mr. styles55, and it shall be yours.

[3:49am] milestyles55:  show me your tits.

[3:49am] PepperPeanut: 

[3:49am] milestyles55:  that's gross dude.  i was just kidding.

[3:50am] PepperPeanut:  hahahahaha  who are you anyway?

[3:50am] milestyles55:  i am MILESTYLES55.  NEW BLOG SHERIFF IN TOWN.

[3:50am] PepperPeanut:  i think i love you Mr. styles55

[3:51am] milestyles55:  alright dude.  let's just cut that shit out.  right now.

[3:52am] PepperPeanut:  sorry Mr. styles55.  no homo.

[3:53am] milestyles55:  sure buddy.  sure.  i'm out.

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