Perfect Score

Walter lies in his hospital bed. His wife, children and grand children stand around him. He has lived a full and happy life. He married his childhood sweetheart at eighteen then spent sixty happy years together, raising bright, confident and successful children. He had worked in a job that he loved and lived very comfortably. He had a close network of friends and followed his dreams of owning a yacht. Life had been great but he knew his time was up. At quarter past four he was pronounced dead.


The crowd that had gathered shouted with a cheer. Walter looked around to see his score was in the top ten, flashing on the board behind him. 'Wow that was fun!' Laughed Walter to his friend who was patting him on the back.
'Wow, you got a really good score Walter: brought up in a good home; 53,365 points, did well in your exams; 3654 points, met the girl of your dreams; 6584 points, found a nice job; 5698 points. Amazing!'
What was your score?' Walter asked his friend.
'Ah, I bummed out pretty early. I was born in a poor and abusive home. I got into trouble pretty young: stealing cars, fighting, that sort of thing. Finally, I was stealing to support a drug habit and got stabbed in a fight over an ounce of crack. I was left to bleed to death in an ally at eighteen, Ha! Bad luck I guess. I got a really low score.'
Walter laughed 'Did you have to wait long for me?'
His friend rolled his eyes 'No only about a minute, it just seems longer whilst you are in the game, thats all'
'Wow, I cant believe I was one of the top ten players'
'You know it just luck, right?'
'What do you mean?'
'Well the game is purely luck based, no skill necessary'
'Don't be silly, I worked hard through college then in my job, chased Marie for ages until she agreed to marry me, I made sacrifices for my family. I worked hard to get everything I achieved! Dont tell me, all that was pure luck'
'Ah well, I watched the whole thing, so try to look at it like this: You were brought up in a good home which meant you had the right mental aptitude to do well academically and socially. Because you were popular you got on with the popular girl in school. You received good grades so you managed to get a good foot on the career ladder and from then on kept going up and up. Because you had a good income, no illnesses, no self-control issues (infidelity) the stresses on your relationship were minimal and your children were raised in a good, happy home. Yes you did have to work hard for everything you achieved but it was the way that you were raised, your intelligence and even your genes that afforded you the ability to work hard in the first place.
'What?! Well lets play a game where its fair then! Are there any games here that are fair?'
'Ah, yes of course. This game right here. Everyone lives in exactly identical universes,  everyone gets exactly the same genes, same parents, brought up in a universe that is exactly identical in every single way'
'Wow that sounds perfect, I'm sure I will be ace it. What's the highest score?'
'Its 100,000'
'Wow thats good, who achieved that score?'
'Every single person that has ever played it...'

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