Perfection is an abomination

The very idea, the concept, of perfection that many like to imagine is, to me, a very strange and silly concept given our universe. This is an existence that is in every way disquieted. IT is the unevenness of everything, the tendency toward chaos, that gives existence it's form. There is diversity of reactions that led to diversity of elements that led to complex reactions that made comparably simple bits of carbon compared to some examples we have now that become complex and changing, diverse, bits of carbon, all because perfection is a silly myth. We have matter and not anti matter because anti matter is perfection. empty nothing. a void beyond imagining. the chaos that makes it so there is something and not nothing is the chaos that lays behind every bit of existence. This is not to be hated or feared. chaos has negative connotations but it is merely a mandate of our existence. No form of life is perfect, but they aren't broken and evil either, they just are and they are just enacted on by forces. victims of these forces. so called broken perceptions of life forms come from population densities and resource needs, a reality created by the complex bio machines to contain our previous simple organisms. There's no reason or beauty or purpose behind it, it's just that which is, what happened, all because there is chaos. chaos the mother of something, the adversary of nothing.
Humans were never perfect, never could be such a thing. they didn't break, they're just machines. simple biological machines like all organisms are. the forces of chaos make them create cultures that cause them to do perceived evil by their own cultural rules. It's a sad and amusing little paradox. Perfection if it ever was would be a horrifying mess.
Some people take a simple story that was told as an uneducated attempt to explain why some people worked so hard and acted so violent, when clearly the writes of the story worked so little and had never seen violence like this. They didn't know these people had another culture. they didn't know their conquerors would adopt this story and use it to concoct some fiction about how thier own species is evil, to explain the culture they had created and it's effects. they couldn't realize there was anything wrong with this culture that gave them such power. the flaw must be with the species, and this is how they perverted that story.
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