Perfectly flawed advice on women.You be the judges.

Ok Here are some tips on par with my how to pick up women guides. these will help you better understand the beast that is the female.Once you bag them if you decide to keep them then I will help you in that department...

1.Always apologize first, even if you are not wrong....This is an alternative to an old fashioned beat down... but that might hurt your hands. The reason to apologize is to cutt off her natural instinct to act hurt by calling her out on bullshit. apologize for how you approached proving her wrong.She will try to take the higher road and play forgiveness despite that she was wrong.... This will not get you closure this will keep her quiet...I can live with a quiet whiney bitch...again dont beat her.

2.If you are wrong on the other hand... Tell her how pretty she looks when she is pissed....If she continues acting pissed act like she is doing it purposely to get you going..Eventualy she will get flustered and either accept the compliment or leave you the fuck alone..... Dont beat the bitch please..I dont care how appealing it is....It may be more appealing than a banana full of condoms, but Dont do it. Bad......That covers agruements, see how vauge i am but i covered half of your relation ships allready. Golly i am great..

3.If you want your wife or girlfriend or high priced hooker (bar slut) to pay their half of the bill, I have an idea that may work..Try the old can you break a fifty?? if she says yes then tell the bitch straight out to cover her shit if she isnt going to put out....women love when you are straight foward....but if for some reason she doesnt have money you can allways say ,"I guess dinners on you next time". If you dont like her and she doesnt offer to pay i suggest you leave without warning, Here is  a great line i used twice.. "Umm excuse me i seem to have diahrea.. Be right back." Thats the last time i saw her.... Still dont know how she got home... rude bitch..Hope she misses her period.....

4.ok by now i covered domestic wife shit and random sluts/casual dates...Here for the random others. Lets say you wake up next to some chick you dont know... here this is simple and easy to do. Get fucking dressed and get the fuck out of there idiot she may not remember who the fuck you are either!!! If you were shit faced and exchanged numbers thats great she may call you later... But if not be happy you got out before she could wake...Damn .. i realy saved some ones ass there.... Again dont kill the bitch let her sleep and run.... well i may update again on children...


Matt the leader of domestic house wifes and zombies.

Uploaded 11/25/2008
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