Personal space

This happened to me twice today and really bugged the crap ot of me. Everyone has their idea of personal space....that area around you that you don't like people invading. But some people just don't get it!!! I think their version of space doesn't exist at all so they can't comprehend that others have their own space.

I was in line at Fred Meyer and I was bumped from behind. I turned to find a guy in his late 40's breathing down my neck. There was nobody behind him. I moved a step forward only to have this twit do the same fucking thing. I couldn't move forward more without invading the space of the lady in front of me. I just bit my tongue and did my thing

Twenty minutes later I'm in line at the bank. This dude behind me was one of those suit wearing ear piece having loud talking obnoxious types. His arms were crossed and his elbows were both touching me....WTF?

I have to have at least a foot of space and I give that much to others.

What do you think?

Crowded Deunan

Uploaded 10/26/2010
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