perspective...PART TOOOOOOO!!!

heres 8 more reasons things need to be done to improve america...\

9). Frank is trashcaned by the football team.

1958: Frank goes through the next month in hell, forgets about it, meets suzy, and goes on with life.

2008: Frank is discovered in the trashcan by the campus police, is forced to tell on the football team is let off scott free because the Principal is a football nut.  Frank gets the shit beat out of him for "snitching".

10). John gets sick in class, and goes to the nurse.

1958: John lies down for a bit, feels better, and goes back to class.

2008: Johns parents thinks he has cancer...get him an MRI, X-rays, and makes him miss 2 weeks from class...John fails 3 classes frr time missed from school.

11). Jim goes to the dentist.

1958: Jim find out he has 3 cavities, they get filled, end of story.

2008: Dentist finds something wrong with his lymph nodes, tells his parents he needs to see the doctor...jims 3 cavities never get checked on and multiply to 15.

12). Joe tells Sam he's gonna jump him after school.

1958: Joe and Sam end up forgetting the whole thing and go on with life.

2008: Mr. Johnson overhears, tells the principle...the school police arrest Joe for "fighting".  Sam gets the shit beat out of him for snitching.

13). Beau fails Math.

1958: Beau fails Math.

2008: Beau complains about Math being to hard, 5 different standardised tests are held, Math standards are now lowered.  Kids end up learning less in Math thanks to dumbed down curriculum and the test taking a month to finish.

14). John tells the teacher to "FUCK OFF"

1958: John gets his ass chewed out in from of the whole class by the teacher, he feels like crap, gets over it, and the class goes on un-interupted.

2008: John is written up for threatening a teacher, is sent to juvi for a month, and can't go the prom with Sally.  Sally breaks up with him and goes out with Jake.

15). Joeseph, a sophomore, has sex with sammi, a 15 year old Freshman, and tells his friends in the hall.

1958: Joeseph has more respect from his friends, Sammi is now more popular.

2008: Teacher overhears conversation, calls the cops.  Joeseph now faces 1 count of statutory rape and is sent to Juvi for 6 months to a year.  Sammi is convinced she was raped by the school psychiatrist, placed in witness protection program.

16). Carl has a sandwich outside of the cafateria during lunchtime which is not allowed due to trash left by other kids.

1958: Carl eats the sandwich.

2008: Nearby monitor catches him, writes him up for insubordination, is rpced, and threatened with suspension the next time he gets caught.  Dad loses one day of work, is fired and now has to look for more work.  Carl loses his x-box untill Dad can get a stable job.

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