Perspectives on Medicine

This is a continuation of Tomlets blog, "The Morality of the Uninsured."

In the comments section he wrote, "Here's an example of the uninsured
trying to take advantage of a charitable
organization offering free health care:"

Please watch the embed its only a few minutes.

From this Tomlet perceived uninsured people taking advantage of a charitable organization. Odd language considering the horrible situation these people are in.  These people look like very unhealthy backwoods people, but they are people who need help. One lady explained how her medical insurance company denied her coverage because she was sick when she bought it. I've heard other stories where insurance simply will not cover life saving and life quality giving medicines and procedures in the US. They hire special investigators who's mandate it is to find ways so they can revoke the insurance coverage.

Tomlet? These people need help, that is obvious and the people offering it, want to help. How are they  "taking advantage" as you put it other than getting the medical care they so obviously need?  The tragedy here is that your health care is being horribly mismanaged and it's motives are solely profit driven or this tragedy would not exist.

The reason Obama wants to load this problem onto the insurance agencies is so they won't have to become politically entangled. They can just blame the insurance companies, who will blame the high cost of medical treatment, who in turn will blame it on all the uneducated, unhealthy people, as Tomlet has so aptly completed the circle

Just close some military bases, bring the troops back, throw your bankers and greedy pharmaceutical psychopaths in jail then sell their assets to help these wretched souls.

This insurance BS is just another tax that has been placed in the hands of private industry, removing the  burden from politicians to take care of it's citizens. To hell with your moral decision of paying insurance over cable, how bout the moral imperative, governments moral duty to manage it's resources so this horrific disparity  does not exist.  

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