Pet store....................

I went to a cooking supply store today to purchase a tart pan and and an instant read thermometer while I was there I stopped in this pet store to look at the puppies. I dont care how old you are when you are in a pet store you are a kid again, so I am walking around looking at the Pugs because I have a Pug/Chihuahua mix and I run across this cage that had some Puggles. I ask the owner what hell is a Puggle and find out its a Beagle/Pug mix and I tell her what I have and make up some stupid name and she gets offended. Her reply "this is a recognized breed!!" My reply "recognized by who your neighbor?" now I think this is funny she did not and I kid you not she threw me out of her store. My wife who is standing there said "only you could get us thrown out of a pet store" and she was busting out laughing and the lady ejects her too. Now picture this, my wife and I are in our 50's actually 50 and 53 and we get thrown out of a store like a couple of kids. What GREAT fun lol lol oh yea we are a couple of wild ones and I guess the moral to this story is whatever you do DON'T question the legitimacy of a Puggle because you might end up in jail.


Fist in air.....Down with Pet shop owners and the horrors I have seen. lol


Thanks for reading Bo(the wild one)Hank

Uploaded 11/09/2008
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