Philosophical God Question.

This is something I have been wondering about recently, and thought I'd get the communities thoughts on this question. Let's, for the sake of argument, say it is 100% fact that God exists. Would God change the fate of one individual because someone prayed for them, and pass the individual's burden on to someone else?

For example: lets say Joe Smith is fighting in Iraq for America. Joe is currently under attack, and in the near future a suicide bomber will run in the proximity of Joe, and blow himself and Joe up. Luckily right before this happens, Joe's mother prays for Joe to be safe. The suicide bomber then runs somewhere else, and kills someone else.

Or lets say a mother hears there has been a wreck. The mother prays it's not her son; should this mother really think God will change the fate of her son and take the life of another? Do you think God does this?

I didn't wright this blog as a way to try and disprove God. This is just fun speculation, and I am just curious to hear what others think. Have a nice day!

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