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To all the families who were effected by the travesties of September 11; my heart goes out to you and I said my prayers for the fallen. I am sorry that this happened to you and I try to understand the pain you went through.

I sincerely believe that these attacks have something terribly fishy about them. Government or not something just isn't right about how the whole thing went down. I very highly suggest all to watch the zeitgeist film. It's free on their site, and if anything you will get a laugh or be entertained.


Watch the video of building 7, the building fell when no plane hit it.

All eye witnesses claim to hear an explosion before the plane even hit.

People who survived, that were in the building, felt an explosion from the basement and above before the plane hit.

The indestructible black box that records all radio transmissions from the planes were not found.

Somehow the plane was so hot that it vaporized the plane, yet they were able to identify the passengers by finger print?

Look at pictures of the after math of the pentagon. Why is that huge hole in the side crushed in, but there is no fucking plane.

Before you say, how can a government kill it's own people, to further an agenda? Consider Germany under Hitler. He had the Reichstag burned to the ground so he could scare, confuse and take away rights of German people. They say history repeats itself.

Before you rate this shit 1 star, ask yourself; where are the planes? why don't eye witnesses come on the news? Why did they put it on Bin Laden when he had no ties to it? Why are the "terrorists" who took over the plane and suicide wrecked it in the building still alive? Give me a fucking break. Conspiracy theory? I think not. The people who gave their lives that day deserve the truth. It's fucking sick.

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