Pitch horrible Movie ideas here. and judge others already posted

Well, we can't all be able to write great movies, but I promise you can write a horribley bad one with little to no effort. Here, I will give it a try..

So here's the way I'm telling my movie... First off screw subtitles; they are speaking in tounges  the whole movie. Okay, so two gimps get locked out of their house and they can't get out of their costumes. So, they get arrested,and on the way to jail the cop has a car accident,freeing both gimps and killing the officer. Okay, so now the gimps are totaly mangled. In fact, one is dead...yeah... but he doesnt die till the end of the movie in a big twist. Okay, so they leave the scene of the crash and decide that they should first try to free the girbil in gimp A's ass( but!, keep in mind they are still all gimped out in bondage gimp wear) so Gimp B has to try to use a tree branch to pluck the still living girbil out of A's ass. But while he is inserting the branch he accidently kills the girbil and ruptures the guys ass. Uncontrollable shitting ensues, followed by a close up slow-mo of the bloody, dead, girbil being expelled.

Oh, did I mention that funny music will be playing to lighten the mood?

 Both gimps cry for five minutes... oh, and the music stops as they realize their beloved girbil is dead. Then, there is no music at all and it begins to rain ... but you don't hear rain, you only hear gimps moaning with the ball gags in their mouths. Okay, so that scene is broken up by a school bus pulling up to the side of the road where they are laying. Then Tom Waits gets out and offers them a ride... he then skins them and serves them to the homeless. The end I need to eats food...


OkAY, so i rushed and made a horrible movie idea... Now you got the idea. If you get alot of responces On your pitch write out the movie and blog it ...


P.S. I like the way 'girbil' sounds better than 'gerbil'.


*Update* Whynot posted my blog was stupid..... After he  read it... What the fuck is wrong with you cant you read!??? "horrible movie ideas" ....Well at least that jerk off read my blog i wont be reading

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