Planet of The Apes. Our Future.

I was probably around twenty four when I visited a small zoo in Southern Ontario. It had an assortment of monkeys and especially interesting were the chimps. Not because of their good looks or their sweet demeanour, but because they were acting like a bunch of idiots. One monkey would run up behind another monkey and whack him across the back of the head, then he'd get mad and pull the mane of another chimp. Then there is the ape in the corner spanking his monkey as the little children glare in shock.

 I was ignorant at that point in my life, as I watched the apes beat on one another, I laughed as though it was like watching the three stooges. A park attendant snarled at me and said, "It's not funny, they are seriously damaging each other. That is why we are here to shut this mess of a place down."  Sure enough, on the way out there were notices of it shutting down.

I thought about how the park attendant felt and understood his view point at which point I felt like an asshole and even today feel my somewhat guilty for my actions on that day. Monkeys are playful animals and even older monkeys will tease young ones to get a laugh. But there is a point where things get out of hand and it becomes  plain stupidity and dangerous.

eBaum's videos often cross that Rubicon and  with videos of people acting worse than monkeys at their height of brainlessness. I watched a video of a couple of guys ignorantly rapping and then some retard sneaks up behind him to clobber him with a two by four! What? That's supposed to be funny? It is not funny, it is sick and sad. Same with videos of someone weirded  out on drugs either stripping down in the middle of the road or getting into a confrontation with police officers. It's not fucking funny, it's disgusting. 

If people seriously find that crap funny then perhaps the monkeys should consider shutting down the zoo, since it is obvious that they are running it! 

Uploaded 07/20/2012
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