Platy-Bitch Group

After my fanclub group, the hate blogs, getting into the elite group, founding my group for blogs and finally getting featured... Ive got my first hate group.


This is hilarious! I was checking out the groups just out of boredom and wound up on it. Its a public group too so anyone can join. I actually joined it not even an hour ago. I decided to do it for the lulz. So I posted a bunch of really gay pics and one of a guy puking on himself. After I posted a msg on the board, I should say 2. I looked for the dictionnary definition of the words GAY and SHIT and posted that on there too. I encourage you all to go see. Youll have to join to see them and I dont give 2 shits. If you want to, you can always leave the group when youre done looking.


Heres the link  --


I forgot to tell you that I dont know the admin AT ALL. The other day he stole my old avatar and posted a msg on my profile saying: why did you steal my avy bitch? I retaliated by posting a link to my gallery (where theres a picture of me holding a paper with my name on it, proving hes a lying retard) on his profile. I also couldnt help it but post the definition of the word GAY on his profile too... and on his obama haters group as well. Oh the nice gay pictures I posted on there that day XD


So thats how I spend time on here when theres nothing to do and Ive already read all your blogs and watched all my subscriptions.

Uploaded 06/14/2009
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