Playing Andrewryan69's Game.. I Hope I Survive..

Andrewryan69... I came to my computer last night and of course.. perused the blog section as you know I do. I also noticed some sort of contraption hooked to my computer displaying a digital countdown. You have called me out in your blog and have asked me to play your game.. As soon as I was finished reading, placement straps flew out from under the chair and belted themselves around me.. I cant move at all. I've already pissed myself 7 times.. and nao.. as the deadline gets grows near.. I fear for my vagina.. and the shrapnel that will plummet it. Theres no other way out of this.. I must make my confessions. So here I go..

To all the men I have hurt on EBW...

american_adi: It was never because of you.. but I fell in love with your galleries of nekki women.. I apologize..

Amys_vagina: When you withheld the truth about your penis from me.. it broke my heart.. I apologize.

Avis4Sale: With your obsession with fecal matter... I honestly thought you'd like the package I sent you last Christmas.. I didn't know you'd be opening presents in front of your grandmother.. I apologize.

Beerlord: I out drank you in front of your friends just to raise my own self esteem.. I apologize.

Bigpimpininhere: You said you'd be a nice pimp.. but you beat me in front of Tyrome then cheated on me with Kerli.. so I snuck out and left. I apologize.

Blake: You used me just to hurt OrangeSiezures.. and then you cheated on us both with your gf.. what did you expect.. *sniffles*. However, I apologize.

BlackCOPS: I didn't have my medical mary jane card when we met.. you said that you had to turn me in due to your oath as a police officer.. so I dumped you. I apologize

Bigdoug: You were too big.. js.. I apologize.

BongWizard: I flirted with you just for your bong magick... I apologize..

Boomshakalaka: i was growing obsessed.. I had to break away. I hope one day you will understand.. I apologize.

Charly_manson: I trusted you taking me and my friends out to that spot you have in the desert.. then you killed my friends.. and made me bury their bodies. So I left you. I apologize.

Calilights: I was going to have to pay for the whole Disneyland trip which i didn't really mind.. but we were just friends. I didnt know you were telling everyone we were together! :( ... then I met Fred Savage... I mean.. hes a child star! If you had a chance.. you would have left me too. Yet... no excuses.. I apologize.

Cojackcity: You lied to me about your marriage! *sobs uncontrollably* but I still love you! I apologize!

Colonel_Ingus: You give the worst oral ever! I tried to let you down gently.. I apologize.

crop420crop: That crop was mine and you know it! How do you think I felt when I came out to my pot garden and everything had been uprooted and taken. You broke my heart! but.. I asked for it with my whorish ways.. I apologize.

Fred_Savage: I know you're a good guy.. and you're succesful.. you were a childhood star.. but I fell in love with what you call a "bum musician". He makes me feel revitalized when we talk about pancake nips in ways you never have. However.. I was wrong.. I apologize.

Fetismo: We got backstage to a Tool concert.. and you cheated on me with not only Maynard James Keenan.. but with Danny Carey as well.. right there in front of me while i gorged on Haag-en Daz dipped fried chicken. You broke my heart.. so I left you. I apologize.

GoodSamaritan: You're too much of a nice guy.. and evidently I find myself attracted to bad boys. Oops... I apologize.

Half_Amused: We're both whores and we knew it'd never work out.. however we make the best of friends.. I'm sorry I steal your women.. I apologize.

Hoblem: You have too many hoblems.. I apologize.

jackscrack99: You lied to me about you fatal sickness that results in hemorrhaging from the anus.. I just couldn't bear it anymore.. so I left you.. I apologize.

JohnGray: You would lounge in the hot tub and make me fold your socks.. so I left you. I apologize.

james_wharrie: You keep making me stand up and twirl.. so I left you. I apologize.

Keldon: You out drank me in front of all my friends. So I got jelly and left.. I apologize.

Kole: You grew a perv stache. I'm sorry.. but it frightened me... so I left you. I apologize.

MacDreidel: I went Jew for you and converted and still it was never enough for you parents. I didn't know it would be socially unacceptable to show my nekki pictures to everyone at your cousin's bat mitzvahs. I apologize.

Moistgroin: I was jealous of your chat art.. I apologize.

Mervin777: I never knew you were black until it was too late! :O but i apologize!

Nathan34: You left EBW.. so i left you. I apologize.

PepperPeanut: I had no idea about your hidden feelings for me.. the thought makes me blush and fart... followed by bouts of indigestion.. but this feelings only gets worse knowing how I hurt you. I apologize.

Rott3n: You wouldn't share your guns with me.. so I got mad.. I over reacted by shooting you in the kneecap though.. I apologize!

Section8: You're canadian.. I apologize.

SL1DR: You left me for gabbie.. so I stole your new utility knife and dulled the blade, lied to you about it, then left you.. I apologize.

UsedCarMan: You sold me a piece of shit stati-...........

KA- BOOM!!!  *shrapnel blasts into Gyps and her vajayjay*..........................

Gyps.. suffering a horrible end.. in excruciating torture and pain.. has dieded.



*zombifies*........ oh shit.. wow.. didn't plan on that happening!

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