Playstation3, xbox 360, or Wii???

Do people like the xbox 360 or the Playstation3 better or the Wii??? What makes you like the system best and what makes you hate other or just dislike or not like as much. Which do you like better about them. Would it make a difference of what system you would get if all games could be played on all systems?? Which do you think has the best graphics and best controles for games and so on and so forth. Would you rather pay more for the better system or keep it cheap to save some cash. Let us know what you think about these systems and why.

I have all three systems so i have experienced all of them. But for me to say they all have their ups and downs. PS3 has the best graphics by far. espically when you have it hooked up to a 1080p hd tv, with also the HD cables. The 360 has alot more games and has been out longer which gives them the advantage. With the Wii it is a fun system to play when you have friends over and just wanna have a good time. Graphics are not as good as the PS3 or xbox 360 but it is amusing.

Uploaded 10/27/2008
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