Please Read: For Rin, For Everyone...

     Please put aside anything that may harbour ill feelings at this point, at least long enough to read this.  I feel compelled to address a major concern.  RIn, Death is not a light undertaking.  You can buy a new car, and decide you don't like it and eventually get rid of it.  Not death.  Once you taste death, it's permanent.


     Please remember this:  Regardless of how much of a JERK Twidget (or anyone else) can be, there is always a tomorrow.  Regardless of what happens today, there is always a tomorrow.  It may not be any better than today, but it is there.  IF you, me, or anybody else dies today, our problems do not go away, they're passed on to someone else, TOMORROW, because there is a tomorrow. 


     Every passing day brings us closer to death as it is.  But every passing day there are new wonders (and old) to be beheld, new things to try, and new happiness to be found.  There is really no problem in this world worth death.  (hold that thought for a moment.)


     We all have problems.  Some worse than others, and there's always someone with more problems than you.  (look at me).  There is only one instance that I could understand someone wanting to end it all.  Severe physical pain that cannot be eased at all could wear someone out.  (I know, I go through this every day.)  But even then, does the means of death put the sufferer in more pain?  Yes, so that physical pain would have to be pretty unimaginably bad.


     I don't know the problems that the good therapist had.  Nobody does.  Please do not try to liken your problems to his, or even to mine.  Instead, pick up a pen and paper (do not do this electronically).  Write down what you would miss if you were gone.  After you make that list, think of all of the people you know, even those that you havent seen in a while.  Write down who would miss you.  (Add my name to that list.)


     Lastly, if you feel like crying, go ahead.  There's nothing wrong with that.  Go ahead and let it out.  Death is cruel.  It takes from us, those that we love.  Don't let it take someone else pre-maturely.

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