Pluto the planet



Once upon a time I was a scientist at Area Fifty One. I was in my office typing up the lab reports on the computer.  Sergeant Stevens comes busting into my office.  "SCIENTIST! Do you have any Idea what just happened outside?" he said. "No what?" I replied "There is a seven foot alien outside and he is heading inside."  For a scientist like me this was really exciting.  This was more exciting than the time I was hired to be one of the Ghostbusters back in the 80's.  The alien came marching into my office.  "It is I Mook the king of the planet Pluto."  I got out of my chair and started shaking the aliens testicles.  I mean tentacles yes that is what I meant to say.  "So, Mom. I mean Mook what brings you.... Wait did you just call Pluto a planet?" I questioned.  "Yes I did, it is one of the finest planets to live on." Mook replied.   Pretty much right here is where the sergeant and I busted out laughing.  "What is so funny?" Mook asked.  "Well you see Monk I mean Mook, Pluto is just too small to be considered a planet.  We scientists like to refer to it as a Dwarf planet."  Mook flipped his lid. "Dwarf planet? Do you realize that Dwarfs only take up 10% of Pluto!?"  Yelled Mook. The Sergeant yelled back. "Alright, that is enough out of you Boob. I mean Mook."  I decided it was up to me to defuse the situation.  "Sorry about all this but facts are what keeps the people of earth informed." I said.  "Why I ought to blast you into the Fifth Dimension." Mook said.  "What the scientist is trying to say is facts mean no harm." Said the Sergeant. "Holy Crash Bandicoot looks at what I just discovered." I said.  "Oh shit here it comes." Replied the Serge.  "It turns out ten Fruit Loops is the equivalence of taking one birth control pill." I said. True story I swear. "That does it! Your planet is doomed!" Yelled Mook as he stormed out.  The Serge just looks at me and says. "Way to go scientist now our planet is going to be destroyed all because you couldn't keep your big mouth shut."  I look at him and say. "Yeah it sucks. Oh well do you want to play some Pac Man?"  "Hell yeah" replied the sergeant!

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