pm scandals, identity theft, and the boring truth!!!

so i got a pm from gnome today :


Sent:January 07, 2009 08:28 pm


Message: Dirty* little friend. End it. It's not funny. I plan on telling everyone, but I'm going to give you the chance to do it first. Unless you really don't want me to, then I'll just tell people who ask me via PM, but I can't control what they do.

Thoughts: i told him i dont know what hes talking about and that i am not dirtysanchez

From: Gnome

Sent: January 08, 2009 02:33 am

Subject: RE: shoelace

Message: Seriously, pay attention. EVERYONE thinks it's old...And I never said you were dirtysanchez, you did. Just...stop using her. Dirty you are so much more welcome, funny, and appreciated on this site as dirty. Fuck you don't have to admit it to me, just.....PLEASE end it. It's easy enough to tell it you by the over use of exclamation

THoughts :iam really effeded because he literally sounds like he hates me. LITERALLY ! NO Joke.

 this is a pm from dirty sanchez the person i am accused of:

From: dirtysanchez10

Sent: January 03, 2009 06:22 am

Subject: RE: WAT UP HOMIE!!

Message: You tell me who you are and I will tell you my other two names......

why would i pm myself asking myself who i am ? maybe I AM dirty sanchez i just dont know im dirtysanchez because im possesed by the devil......

or maybe im just some innocent girl trying to blog and keeps getting harrassed by strangers on the internet!! Also such users as haUmight  and the big bad have convinced themselves that i am dirty also.I am flattered that you think im Dirtysanchez10 , but hes too funny and im too serious!! so please stop bothering me i told you the truth!!

i am angie111 and no more bullshit!!

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