PMS sufferage...

As a women I get to go through a lovely thing called PMS...


PMS causes bad days.  A couple little things happened today, and I can't seem to not be pissed about them.


Today was supposed to be a busy day for me.  It's my only weekend where I don't work on Saturday, and I was hoping to get some shit accomplished.  First things first... sleeping in.

No.. can't do that.  Cats were all weirded out by the fact that me and my man were home, and they wanted us to feed them... so they woke us up.  I was actually rejected by the man this morning when I asked him if he wanted to have sex.  He said he wasn't feeling well, and blamed it on the tacos I made last night.  Fair enough.

Instead of doing chores and groceries, me and the man played on the computer. I played some poker, was doing really good, but ended up getting pissed off and losing it all.  So I started playing the same game as my bf.  I accidently killed him, and apologized, but he still got pissed with me.  After losing a couple one on one matches with some annoying cheap ass Brazilians I said fuck it and turned my attention to my hunger.


So supper comes along.  Man doesn't know what he wants, and decides to take a nap right before I start cooking... so much spending my odd day off together... getting things accomplished.

I make supper, at this point I'm starving. Spaghetti tonight... one of my favs.  So I cook the sauce and then the noodles.  When the noodles are done I put some on my plate.  Grab the plate and turn to the stove for the sauce, and sure enough all of the noodles come sliding off the plate and onto my bare foot.  Awesome!!! (well that's not what I said.. but what I did say was definitely an exclaimation. )


I make my supper, and then the man wakes up.  He's pissed because I didn't make enough noodles for him... so I made him noodles too... the 3rd time tonight.  During dinner table conversation (the only real conversation with him today) he went on to tell me that instead of having sex with me, which he knew I wanted to do, he jerked off.  So now I'm really pissed... he'll be regretting that once I start my rag and we can't have sex.


Soon it will be the end of the evening... the bf's playing video games again.... and I can't seem to not be pissed with the way today went today...  good ol pms for ya.

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