Points of View

I find a lot of comments on my blogs interesting. You've heard the saying "Some people are so stupid they don't realize how stupid they are?" Right there.

I think the religious kooks on this site (all 4 or 5 of them that follow me around) are so determined to be right, they don't get how often they slip up and prove my points.

Seamus44 posted a nice comment about how great it is to live in a culture where you can have a differing opinion and not be persecuted for it. It got like -9 thumbs in the span of half an hour. This is the kind of thing I'm talking about. Even when the comment is of a neutral stance, and reminding us of an important facet of our freedoms, the religious freaks don't like it. Because religious freaks don't know what other people having rights, or understanding what respect in the face of a differing point of view, really means. Either that, or they don't care, which is one of the more dangerous and stupid tenets of religion imho.

Tyaeda also posted a good comment about how people are on eBaums. I agreed wholeheartedly. People should stop going apeshit over me. Cuz I never put a second thought into my usual uploads. If some ppl can't handle my media, that's their problem. It's not "painting a target on my back" when I post some galleries and not give a fuck when religious freaks stalk me. Let alone waste their time on my blogs and posts trying to give the illusion they're right via thumbing, threatening, and then saying I don't understand differing points of view to cover their own ass.

Without even trying, I've proven I am a different point of view.
Uploaded 01/10/2013
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