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I use to play poker on a regular basis. I really dont have the time anymore because of work, school, and I just got a house with my girlfriend. I use to play at least three times a week. Im not just talking about little money games. These games you had to sit down with atleast $500 in your pocket or you werent getting anywhere near the table.

I was good. I would come home sometimes with $1500 and things like an Xbox 360, the pocker table we played on, or someones new watch. Anything that was worth money and I could sell the next day. Now Im telling you this to let you know how cocky I was getting. I thought I was the best player in history. No joke, I honestly thought that within the year I would be sitting with the greats and they would be crying for me to give them their chips back. Man was I a dumb fuck. My problem was I got to cocky and I didnt think I needed to learn anymore and if you play poker you know that when you think you know everything is when you truely know nothing. Poker is about gaining more skills not relying on the ones you already have. A lesson I had to learn the hard way.

My friends and I decided that it was time to stretch our wings a bit and try to beat some real players. Well of course none of use were over 21 at the time so were do we go...........Canada! We got there in about 6 hours and we were at the tables in about 8 hours. Man I felt like I couldnt be at a better place in the world. Well, besides Vegas. I was sitting at the table for almost 2 hours when the guy that changed me for life sat down across from me. He didnt look like much at first. He was an older gentlemen with nice clothes that you could tell didnt come off a department store rack and he had this way about him that I couldnt quite put my finger on. I decided to watch a few hands and see what he was about befor I tangled myself up with him.

So I watched and watched and watched and this man was just playing like he was at a game with his buddies. I decided it was time to wipe this old fuck out. I thought I had him pegged for a lose player. He played every hand. I had ace king off suit in my hand and now was the time to strike. I had around four grand in front of me and I was planning on doubeling it real fast. It was my bet and I just called the origanal bet. It got to him and he raised to $800. So of course I called. The flop hit me like a cannon ball. It was king, king, and ace. Man I was sitting on easy street now. I had this old fuck. It was my bet. So I put in $800 more. The next part was were I thought I had him. He bet $800 more on top of mine. If you counting thats $2400 hundred on both parts. I thought fuck this guys holding an ace and he thinks hes gravy. Even better he  may have the other king and Im going to take him to the cleaners. So I called.  An 8 came out for the next card but that didnt matter because I had already made my hand. I bet everything I had just to see if he would go for it. He did!!! Thats when I knew I was fucked. I flipped over my ace king and he flipped over pocket aces. Damn how could I be so fucking stupid. I saw the signs all along. He wasnt even down playing it. He did everthing but show me the fucking cards in his hand. Well the next card couldnt help me so I was done. I walked away from the table and now I was broke. My buddy lent me about 500 dollars so I wouldnt just be sitting around all day. I went to another table with lower stakes. About 2 hours after it happened the guy that did this all to me showed up at the table and sat down beside me. He looked me square in the eyes and said" Now Ive been playing for along time now and trust me when I say you made all the right moves. I would have done the same thing and I would have lost just like you did." .  We sat there and talked for almost 3 hours. He was one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He had to leave but befor he did he told me to just keep playing and one day He hopes to see me on tv. I laughed about it. I never noticed that for the last 20 minutes we were talking that he had his hand on the table the whole time. About ten minutes after he left I caught something out of the corner of my eye. He left me 500 in chips.

Thats the story. Its all true. I will never forget what happened. Its still fresh in my mind just like it was when it to place. Thanks

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