Poker night

a lot of people seem to be enjoying bets and gambling especially when its poker, some people dont know when to pass and they lose a lot of money not neceserly in a casino. Rick makes friday night poker games at his house and theres this guy steve who acts like a tough guy and tries to prove people hes hardcore. the thing is when hes not doing so well hes acting so stupid he loses his cool and does dumb things

so were playing poker and I was on a lucky streak but I know its dumb to be a badass bluffer sometimes and I eased up but steve was like man I came here with 4000 dollars and I have 1000 dollars now, someones cheating, people were like man whos cheating? It was another bad deal for steve and he was seriously bluffing and you know sometimes someone is bluffing so desperently that its funny but he didnt seem to know that so Rick was like, man I check and raise you 500 bucks

Soon steve was left with 50 bucks and he's like, man can somebody borrow me 500 bucks so I can check? Me and robbie g were like man just stop youre bluffing. It was him against Rick and rick was having a gret time. He said Rick borrow me 500$ so I can call. Rick said you know the rules you dont have the money to call I win, so steve was furius and rick was grinning

Heres the lowdown when people put 1000 bucks into the pull they act stupid and others might wanna take advantage of it and rick was aware of his luck, he said he'll buy steves car for 10 000 and they can play. steve was angry and shouted you must be an idiot that car is worth 3 times as much. so I win the pool said rick and grinned

The dumb people who need to win do stupid things like I said. the deal was steve can buy his car back but only on the same night, so if he wins and gets out with 10 000 dollars he'll buy it back from Rick. but if he loses the car is ricks for 10 000 bucks. steve had two pairs and rick had a royal flush, that was so stupid. dumb bluff and steve had 9000 dollars so he needed to bet high

It was pointless to play in a game with steve getting frustrated so me and robbie g got some beers and chips sat down on the couch and watched HBO, rick and steve played 1 on 1 and by the end of the night steve had 4000 dollars left. predictable. dont get greedy or stupid during a poker game yo, later bloggers 
Uploaded 09/09/2011
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