Pole Dancing Anime and Pedophilia

The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) defines pedophilia as a "disorder of adult personality and behavior".  So basically it is a disease of the mind. I suppose people are born with it just as with heterosexuality and homosexuality. They are not considered disorders or diseases, but in some countries and in the past homosexuality is and was considered a disorder, disease, unlawful or sin.

Pedophilia in some countries and in some circles is acceptable, lawful and even encouraged. In many places including North America, there are slave trades for young prepubescent children. Our history and institutions are full of pedophilia, from clergy in churches, to children in boarding schools to public officials in Boystown, USA and Newfoundland, Canada.  For many years in Cornwall Ontario, there was a social network where people of all parts of the community participated in pedophilia. From cops to judges to clergy to the pillars of the community and even the parents of the children participated. I know this is not a secluded case, not just some anomaly. There is even some evidence it still exists today, being taken over by the next generation.

It would appear to me, that pedophilia consumes a large proportion of individuals and makes me conclude, it is no more a disease or disorder than heterosexuality or homosexuality is. I would say it is a disorder of a society and a disease to a community due to all the problems it can cause. It is definitely not something to encourage or promote, but in many ways that is exactly what seems to be happening or in the very least it is ignored like the elephant in the room.

Today I saw a news article from the Huffington Post UK, "Pole Dancing for 7 year Olds". There were some complaints that JNL Pole Fitness posted Facebook  advertising with girls as young as seven years old. Here is a picture of one of the little girls that participate.
tumblr_lp05curSJL1qaqd2do1_250.png Now if this little girl dancing on a pole is not meant to be sexual explicit, especially to  pedophiles, then I don't know what is.

The art of pole dancing is regarded as an erotic activity.  Not just by stigma but the obvious sexual suggestion. In my opinion, if a young girl and her parents want to get involved in pole dancing for a truly healthy activity, then I have no complaint. If however these young children are entered into organized competitions, which they are, and their images and videos are posted all over the web, well I find that rather disturbing. Even here in eBaums World I see sexually explicit photos of young children. Now to me pictures of young children playing or modeling a pretty dress is not sexually explicit. But a young girl in a bikini swinging her crotch spread eagle on a dancing pole definitely is.

Another example of the promotion and acceptability of pedophilia in our media is the use of Anime pictures and videos. I suppose it in itself doesn't harm small children, but it surely encourages a social network of like minded individuals. And as we all know if a society feels a certain activity is acceptable, it is quickly adopted and becomes the norm. It is no longer a disorder or disease.


This in no way implies I consider the whole anime community are pedophiles, I am only saying it encourages pedophiles to join it and socialize within it.  Similarly, as pedophiles entered the priesthood or places where children were accessible. To make the generalization all priest are pedophiles or Scout troop leaders are pedophiles would be completely incorrect.
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