Political Anti-wisdom

With the election rapidly approaching, you get the usual last-ditch arguments from indecisive douchebags who get their only info from editorial columnists. And that's if they read papers or take any time to research at all.

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions on Presidential policy stems from ObamaCare, President Obama's landmark move to regulate and equalize this country's horribly backward healthcare system. From day 1, detractors and Conservatives have played every card, from communism to undue haste, in copping out on the issue.

As expected, the entire concept, method, and execution of ObamaCare is completely lost on these people, in such an audacious way. A little bit of research and understanding before jumping directly to right-wing catch-phrases and mob mentality would only prevent them from looking like fools. But naturally, it's already too late.

And leave it to right-wingers to never own up to their mistakes. The word "Conservative" itself stands for traditional mindsets, stubbornness, and a severe aversion to change, even improvement. Where improvement means "better for all", it's obvious why these people cause more harm than good.

I've heard people close to me say Republicans are about upholding the Constitution, while Dems destroy it. Which is the dumbest fucking statement possibly made on the subject of a two-party political system. It seems as though these people think promoting 2nd Amendment gun freedoms equates to understanding and protecting the whole of the Constitution. Ask them to recite the 5th, though, and they say "fry 'em all".

It's the same thing for social policy - in fact, the religious right is one side unbelievably wound up in some sick need to inject themselves into the social, personal, and sexual lives of citizens coast to coast. Churches promoting good ol' Christ seem to believe they have the right to political influence without paying a single tax.

Or can't grasp that Constitutionally speaking, government not only shouldn't, but technically can't pay any heed to the politically-oriented wishes of anyone representing a particular religious institution or agenda. Probably because that's what organized religion is all about - an agenda. The Founding Fathers saw this coming a mile away.

We can see what living in line with a political and law system stemming from such can do for a nation. Try living in Iran for a couple of weeks, like Betty Mahmoody did following the Islamic extremist revolution of 1979. It turned into over 2 years of waking up to this over a megaphone:

Aww, an alarm clock which tells you it's time to get out of your cozy bed and go out for a fucking prayer. The best way to start your day! And it rings out over the city a total of 5 times to let you know to drop what you're doing and pay homage to the God that killed freedom and fashion by dooming you to a lifelong beekeeper outfit.

What a life it is.
Uploaded 09/20/2012
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