Political Blah Blah

Over the past few weeks I have grown uneasy knowing that within a months time, the new President of the United States will be inaugurated. Itâs a scary thought knowing that there is a chance that the current failure of a President could be re-elected. I listened to a clip of what is called the âyo-showâ today; and I heard a talk show host asking President Obama about weather or not he thought he could fix the relationship between Mariah Carrey and Nicki Minaj on American Idol. I couldnât help but to wonder what the fu@k is wrong with America. Every day that passes is a day closer to a nuclear Iran, there are still thousands of Americans in Afghanistan, unemployment is still high as sh!t, the president continues to lie to usâ¦and that is the best fu@king question this guy could come up with? See, the problem is the President continues to fu@k up and all we get is these incredibly touching stories about factory workers whose jobs were saved by the president bah blah blah the president once rode a unicornâ¦whatever. If the president would just talk about the mistakes he has made, I would be able to justify not voting for him with reasons other than his ape like appearance, which causes his apparently low intelligence level. I guess I am just scared that in a world where whites are becoming the minority and apparently rap so some kind of cool shit, it will only be so long before Kanye West is the new President of The United States.


Uploaded 10/16/2012
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