Political Bullshit

And no, I'm not talking about politics in general. I'm talking about politics involved in high school sports. I mean, what the fuck. Has anyone here ever played a sport in high school, like baseball, or basketball, or football, or soccer, or anything?! If so, have you noticed that if "someone's" dad is the fucking coach, or if the dad played that sport in college, that "someone" automatically makes the team and plays the whole game no matter how bad he preforms, which sucks for kids like me. This kid is playing more than me and I have a .400 batting average. He has a .137 . I have made one error so far in 12 games; he's made 7. Yet, out of our 7 innings, he plays all 7. I've talked to my coach, who is a true asshole to me. I wasn't threatening or angry; I just asked him what I needed to work on. He then says I'm doing fine. Yet since then, I've played 2 innings in 4 games. Sorry, I'm just really pissed off and I had to vent somewhere. I was just wondering if people agree with me, and/or it's happened to them before. Because it's a horrible feeling when this shit happens. However, I'm 3rd in my class out of 247, so academics is more my thing. I know I'm going to make more $ and go further in life than the kid that plays over me, but still. It's not like I'm basing my life on baseball, but I really like the game and I have a lot of fun. Lately I haven't. I just want to know if these 'politics' happen with people out of my state, or even out of my country. So if you have ever played sports, do you know what I'm going through? Have you gone through it? Because it sucks and is frustrating, and I have no options left. I fucking hate my coach. Inside shit in school systems and playing favorites and kiss asses severely piss me off to a point that I want to kick the shit out of my coach. He's a fucking asshole.

Uploaded 05/09/2009
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